I'm an artist working and living in Northern Idaho. Originally, from southern Florida.  I spent much of my childhood in Florida and later in Pennsylvania with a couple of other east coast states peppered in. I am greatly influenced by shape and color. I grew up somewhere between cerueluem blue swimming pools and dark green pine trees.


I received my BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  A lot of my  interest in color meaning  can be related back to school and an innate obsession with finding meaning in any and every facet of life. 

My work varies but is a combination of fauvism, pop art, and a hint at impressionism. I love working with color and using it as a description and feeling. I like to pixelate images when I look at them and paint the shapes I see in a kind of conversation between colors. 

My acrylic animals  attempt to tell of an animal's personality and not just their mug shot. Watercolors are more of illustrations from thoughts and ideas that I enjoy sharing as reproductions. I like to create to allow everyone a little piece of happy.


I'm always open to ideas for new images and commissions. My time is limited, but I try to give an accurate time frame to complete your request!

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