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Kate Gattey is an artist working and living in Northern Idaho. Kate started creating at a young age through the support of her Mother. As a child, she contracted an autoimmune disease and later debated pursuing a  career in medicine. Ultimately, she followed her heart and studied fine arts. From photography to ceramics, but landing in a mash up of illustration and painting.


Kate received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her work has been shown in group and solo shows in Ft. Lauderdale, Stroudsburg, Philadelphia, and Bismarck. Kate has illustrated for several children's books and takes on advertisement art projects when time allows.

Kate's work widely varies but is rooted in colorful play to illustrate feelings and relationships that are not always seen. Much of her work reflects interests in color meaning to describe the personality of animals and the feelings of people. She illustrates the relationships women have with their children and children's perception of their surroundings through imaginary play. She enjoys isolating ideas or portraits with disregard for surroundings, or background images.


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