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I  paint one pet per canvas in a mug shot style. This portrait represents them and is their little space. I can do more than one pet at an additional cost and require a great photo of your pets together(this will be the real struggle!)
I paint pet portraits in your pet's likeness and not always true to their fur colors. I choose colors as I work to represent your pet, which is why I like to know a little about your pet’s personality. For example I might use yellow a little more liberally if your dog is a ridiculously happy fella, while I might use more blues if your dog is very loyal.

Most portraits take about a week or two, once started. Sometimes there is a wait, contact me in advance if its a gift!
I paint the entire canvas, including the sides so that a frame is not required. I also wire the back for hanging and add a coat of varnish when finished.

1. A clear, close up photograph of your pet, preferably taken in good light (outdoors in the shade works well) at their level and not from above them, like a mug shot. Dogs with longer snouts tend to look best if they are not facing you head on, but angled 45* or so. It is important to me that I can see their eyes.

2. Please look at the space you plan to display the painting and decide on a color you think would go well in the room and paired with your pet for the background color.

3. I also like to know their name, gender, breed and a description of their personality. This will help me in choose colors that represent your pet based on color meaning.

4. A $100 deposit check made out and mailed to me. Paypal and Etsy can also be used, but may slightly increase the charge based on their fees.




SMALL    12x12" OR 11X14"  ..........................$400

MEDIUM 18X18" OR 16x20"  .........................$500

LARGE     24X24" OR 20X24  ........................$600

X-LARGE  36X36" OR 24X36"........................$800

The details:

additional size variations are available in between the sizes listed. Charge will reflect closest similar size.

Email me today to begin your quote!

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